Friday, January 13, 2017

Elongation chart: learnination applied

When I recently printed an ecliptic-longitude version of the elongation chart to accompany a celestial wall map, I found it not quite ideal for the task. So I made some changes to the chart for better visibility in printed form on a wall, and now I'm propagating these changes to the elongation charts: Larger fonts, lines, symbols and the colors of the planet lines darker and easier to distinguish. So Venus is now green and Mercury pink, but that's a small price to pay for better visibility, I hope.

As a bonus, the 10-year ecliptic longitude chart is also linked at the elongation page.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Holiday project: Celestial wall map

Things to do with the D3-Celestial star map: Wall poster.

Detail 1: Orion

Detail 2: Sagittarius

Source image for the map:

Bonus features, glue the to the poster or copy&paste them onto the image if you prefer planning ahead (ahem):

Planet positions charted by ecliptic longitude over a 5 year period (based on my elongation chart Same chart, 10 year period

Major asterisms (interactive version)

Grid/planes/brightest stars (<3.5mag)

Lessons learned: For 100x50cm, 4000 pixels width is sufficient. Configuration settings different from default:

var config = { 
  width: 4000,    
  projection: "aitoff",  //Map projection used
  transform: "equatorial",   //Coordinate transformation equatorial
  center: [180,0,0],
  stars: {
    show: true,    //Show stars
    limit: 8,      //up to maximum stellar magnitude
    colors: true,  //Show stars spectral colors, if not use "color"
    namestyle: { fill: "#ddddbb", font: "12px Georgia, Times, 'Times Roman', serif", 
                 align: "left", baseline: "top" },
    proper: false, //Show proper names (if none shows designation)
    desig: false,   //Show designation 
    namelimit: 5,   //Maximum magnitude with name
    size: 10,
    data: "stars.8.json" // Data source for stellar data  
  dsos: {
    show: true,    //Show Deep Space Objects
    limit: 16,      //up to maximum magnitude
    names: true,   //Show DSO names
    namestyle: { fill: "#cccccc", font: "12px Trebuchet, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif", 
                 align: "left", baseline: "bottom" },
    desig: true,   //Show short DSO names
    namelimit: 16,   //Maximum magnitude with name
    size: null,    
    data: "dsos.bright.json"
  constellations: {
    show: true,    //Show constellations 
    names: true,   //Show constellation names 
    namestyle: { fill: "#cccccc", font: "18px Trebuchet, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif", 
                 align: "left", baseline: "top" },
    desig: true,   //Show short constellation names (3 letter designations)
    lines: true,   //Show constellation lines 
    linestyle: { stroke: "#cccccc", width: 1.5, opacity: 0.6 },
    bounds: true,  //Show constellation boundaries 
    boundstyle: { stroke: "#ccff00", width: 1.5, opacity: 0.8, dash: [4, 8] }
  mw: {
    show: true,    //Show Milky Way outlines
    style: { fill:"#ffffff", opacity:"0.12" }
  lines: {
    graticule: { show: true, stroke:"#cccccc", width:1, opacity:.6 },   
    equatorial: { show: true, stroke:"#aaaaaa", width:1.5, opacity:.7 }, 
    ecliptic: { show: true, stroke:"#66cc66", width:1.5, opacity:.7 },  
    galactic: { show: true, stroke:"#cc6666", width:1.5, opacity:.7 },  
    supergalactic: { show: true, stroke:"#cc66cc", width:1.5, opacity:.7 } 

[Update] Here is the image of the complete map with all the above options
Next up: grid coordinate references on the map

See some more examples here, play with it here or check out the documentation and/or fork/download the source from the GitHub repository.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Solar System Missions Update 01/2017

Here's my map of all active and future Solar System Missions as of January 1st 2017.

Almost the same one Emily Lakdawalla uses for her preview of robots beyond Earth orbit 2017 on the Planetary Society blog. Can you spot the difference 🤔

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Elongation Chart Update 2017

Another year-end update, the planetary elongation chart for the year 2017. It shows the angular distance from the sun for each body over the year and many other celestial events, like solar or lunar eclipses, full moons and planetary solar transits, such as they occur this year. There will only be one penumbral, one partial lunar eclipse and an annular solar eclipse visible across the South Atlantic and a total one straight across the USA in August. So there is that. For a 10 year version see this page.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Space Observatories Update 01/2017

The first 2017 update for the Space Observatories page, not a lot of new missions or defunct old mission this time, save for the Chinese missions Quantum Science Satellite, or Mozi ( 墨子, Chinese philosopher), and Dark Matter Particle Explorer, or Wukong (悟空, Monkey King) 🐒😎. So, thanks Chinese Space Program for being on it!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Solar System Missions Update 12/2016

Here's my map of all active and future Solar System Missions as of December 1st 2016.

So here's the last one for this year, were the exiting final phase for Cassini has now begun with the F-Ring orbits, which will be followed by the Grand Finale Orbits in April 2017 and then in September - the END.

What is definitely not exiting is the scarcity of events for 2017... let's not lose hope and Keep Exploring!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

And now to something completely different

I have been thinking in the last few weeks, because recent significant events made me do that. And now I think I found what was nagging me the whole time: The 20th century may be finally about to end.

Explainer: Remember the old-timey demagogues, not the really olden ones who actually believed their own lies, those were just creeps. But the later 20th-century type, who went by the mode "Look, we all now what I say is total bullshit, but it's the bullshit you want to hear, so roll with it." Npw here comes Mister President-elect D.J. Trump, who, well, just doesn't do that any more. Instead, he goes "I am lying. My lies are the greatest lies. And if you don't believe that, you are a liar." So he doesn't even pretend anymore. Could it be that he is the final end product of that era, a ridiculous joke that is just an over-the-top parody of all the nonsense that came before him. and of course completely dysfunctional.

Think about it. All those ideology fluffheads aimlessly flailing around, like those pathetic losers who actually like Trump, spouting racist and whatever-ist nonsense. Or the gormless impotent student protests going on right now. Is it just me, or do they all appear to just go through the motions, not even knowing what it is the want. OK, as far as hardcore Trumplers go, they just want to hate, no need to know what to hate necessary. But that doesn't detract from my point, I think. And of course there are still those dudes who really want to believe their own crap, like islamists. But that is just a bunch of total losers who are literally doing nothing but habitually committing crimes against humanity. I think it's painfully easy to see how that is an absolutely pathetic, pointless waste that's going precisely nowhere.

So what we see right now may be the end of something, the end of all that ideology bullshitting that never solved any problems anyway, done in by a merciless over-the-top assclown. And of course it will go with a bang, like those things do. Like when the Soviet Union went with the believe-my-own-bullshit mode of politicking. And now it is time for the USA. Damn, I would have liked to see it stick around a bit longer. That's of course not to say there wont be an entity called "USA" anymore, it just wont be the one we know right now anymore. So, maybe not so bad to see this version go, then. But that has to happen, the primary entity for every delusion goes with said delusion, like the Roman, Spanish or British empires. I leaver that as an exercise for the interested reader to figure out for what delusion those went. The latter one was probably colonialism.

So there you go, there may be hope after all. What remains to be seen is what delusion will replace the current one, then. Meanwhile, the era that begins now needs a good name. My suggestion would be "Post-veracity age". Keep in mind, this may all be yet more self-delusional drivel, I'm just a simple cant-not-be-inquisitive space nerd after all.

And don't let your search for truth be destroyed by certainty.